10 Tips to Reduce Waste at Your School
  1.  Politely share the good news with your school/teacher that you are: Working to reduce your waste footprint, so you’ll be using up the leftover school supplies you have at home from previous years before buying anything new. Let them know...
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New Packing Paper!
To keep reducing waste, we’ve been thinking outside the box about what goes inside the box. We use recycled/recyclable newsprint to pack and protect the items during shipping, so we’ve been having a little fun with designs, and using this medium...
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Zero-Waste + Practical Gift Ideas
Nikki (left) and I are the founders of Wisdom Supply Co. There's a 23 year age span, and no I am not her mom (frequently asked), though we're family bound by the experience of working to build a purpose driven company that is fueled by our determination to consciously uncouple humans (especially kids) from disposable plastics.
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