Glitter... Use It, Or Lose It?

With a sudden amount of home-crafting about to take place, we’re answering a frequent question we get about GLITTER 🎉

“I know glitter is bad for the environment, but I already have a bunch - Isn’t it better to use it all up so that it isn’t wasted?"

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The Last Plastic Marker
Preventing a ton (literally) of waste at your school can be easyinexpensive, and educational.
#1 Easiest First Step
  • Stop buying plastic markers.
  • Billions already exist on the planet as plastic pollution forever.

What should we use instead?  How is this educational? 

 There is so much fascinating stuff for students to learn here!

  • Weight + Volume Calculations of waste created by markers.
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Marker Recycling Is Not A Thing

Be cool if it were.

Wouldn't it be magical if “they” could take back ALL of the zillions of markers, chop them up and make new little markers? 

Reality is:
•Marker “recycling” programs = incineration.
•Or to put it in sanitized-speak:  Converting plastics to energy

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Considering the Costs
Cost concerns have to start with the fact that it is now the norm to throw fully usable school supplies into the garbage at the end of the year, and purchase new ones at the beginning of every school year.
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