School Supply Recommendations
We've reviewed so many school supply lists over the years that we now think of them as Rubik's cubes - countless combinations of essentially all the same stuff - most of it poorly designed junk - stuff we call "pre-landfill". One day we hope to facilitate getting...
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Large pile of plastic waste and trash. Bold text: The Damage is Irreversible. Subtext:  More reasons we won't stop yammering on about getting plastic + vinyl the heck out of schools.

Hooking children to a staggering disposability cycle (K-12 and beyond) in the name of education is galling.
Kids have never needed this crap, and they need to know this is true because this crisis is going to hurt them the most.

Learn why breaking ourselves + our children out of toxic disposability cycles has never been more urgent.


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The way forward: Stop buying it.
We have a choice: Choose to engage student's inquisitive nature, optimism, and innate problem solving skills, allowing for their own environmental awareness and stewardship to develop. or Continue placating them with fairy tales of plastic “recycling”, and delusions of “earth saving” activities like beach clean ups...
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Captain Charles Moore's (founder of 2009 Ted Talk was my own introduction to the plastic pollution crisis, so it is fitting as Wisdom begins to find its legs, to launch a give-back partnership with an organization that does so much to inform and educate on the issue we built our company to address.
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