Why we take part in the discount game.

Why we take part in the discount game.

Why do we - so-called “Zero-Waste advocates" - take part in the promo game?

Why don’t we just tell everyone to buy nothing, go outside, and screw capitalism?

Buy nothing you don’t need - always.

Go outside - soak it up, embrace it, revel in it.
When you're back inside and you happen to do some online shopping, we hope you find the discounts on the products we’re designing to reduce waste helpful.

We’re in the online advertising game because in order to scale and reach many humans in our effort to untether them from the rote purchasing of permanent garbage school/office supplies from big box stores, we have to navigate the realm of online advertising, and it’s a whole thing.

We believe capitalism can be better. It has to be, or we’ll stay the course in running the human experiment off a cliff.

So yes, screw traditional capitalism, with a resounding yes to supporting real change-makers where and whenever possible.

How amazing if all corporations started competing to be the best FOR the world.

Our November Promotion Menu:




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Hope to see you OUTSIDE, screwing traditional capitalism, while simultaneously finding our promotions useful - proving we can walk and chew (plastic-free) gum!

Heather + Nikki