The Damage From Plastic is Irreversible

Large pile of plastic waste and trash. Bold text: The Damage is Irreversible. Subtext:  More reasons we won't stop yammering on about getting plastic + vinyl the heck out of schools.

"The scariest thing about plastic is the unimaginable amount we produce." - Mette Hoffman Meyer CEO, Exec. Producer of WHY PLASTIC

We picked school supplies as our plastic cause to tackle because it seemed the most offensive and “easiest” (lol) to disrupt.
Hooking children to a staggering disposability cycle (K-12 and beyond) in the name of education is galling.
Kids have never needed this crap, and they need to know this is true because this crisis is going to hurt them the most.

Learn why breaking ourselves + our children out of toxic disposability cycles has never been more urgent.

WHY PLASTIC is a three-part investigative documentary series that will bust the myths and misinformation, taking a closer look at what is fact and what is fiction.

Making school supplies out of plastic and vinyl defies every shred of common sense.

It is toxic from extraction to disposal.
The fallout from plastic stretches from the surface of the sea to the ocean floor.
It’s in the air we are breathing right now.
It’s in the rain that falls from the clouds.
It’s in the water we drink.
It’s in our babies before they are born.

We needed to stop this decades ago - so we should really get cracking.


Don't purchase a single plastic or vinyl school supply for the coming school year.  Just don't.