Changes to Wisdom Supply Co.

Changes to Wisdom Supply Co.

Company Changes:


All products have arrived back from the Texas fulfillment center to to our office in California and we will be packing and shipping all orders ourselves like the olden days.


Wisdom will be on hiatus.

We will not have product for sale in 2024

Exception: 2 crowdfund campaigns for the Weekly Planners (dates below).
Production for all other products will be on hold until 2025, and the e-commerce portion of the website will be closed.
We will use this down time to transition from our BCorp Certification, to becoming a 501c3 Non-Profit organization in order to continue our mission to eliminate school waste the only way that works:
No Garbage In = No Garbage Out.

Weekly Planners:

The only way we are able to continue producing weekly planners is by pre-order / crowdfunding.
Current customers will receive an email invitation to pre-order. 

  • If pre-order goal is reached, planners will be put into production.
  • If not, customers will be refunded and planners will not be produced.

Weekly Planner Crowdfund Campaigns:
2024|25 Teacher Planners:   Sep-Nov 2023
Ships Directly from Printer: April 2024

2025 Planners:   Feb-Apr 2024
Ships Directly from Printer: August 2024 

Pencil Tin Sets:

Will not be restocked (ever ☹️) - This little set is made up of 6 components, all from different manufacturers. Impractical in terms of labor/fulfillment (fantastic product though!)


3-Ring Binders | Replacement Covers:

In sell thru mode, will not restock prior to 2025
Inventory beginning to run low.


Pencils | Colored Pencils | Folders

In sell thru mode, will not restock prior to 2025



Sold Out, will not restock prior to 2025


Picking the right time to wind down Wisdom Supply Co. was hard.
Continuing with e-commerce is harder, fiscally unsustainable, and fundamentally in contrast to the principles of the company.
Once we're back to stocking schools (in 2025) we plan to invite customers (1x per year) to place individual school supply orders, timed to coincide with when we place bulk school orders. 
What has been our greatest struggle and our e-commerce downfall, was attempting to keep small batch made school supplies in stock year round, and the advertising and fulfillment costs that went along with that approach.
We believe Wisdom Supply Co., will be an impactful non-profit, and we look forward to the good work ahead.
Send along any questions / suggestions
Thank you so very much for your support over the years. 
Heather + Nikki