Considering the Costs

Considering the Costs
Cost concerns have to start with the fact that it is now the norm to throw fully usable school supplies into the garbage at the end of the year, and purchase new ones at the beginning of every school year.
Tons (literally) of plastic folders, binders, cheap scissors, pencil sharpeners, zipper pouches FULL of pencils, pens, highlighters...

Every year we witness astounding waste at schools across the economic spectrum.
Waste has been normalized and commodified. The people selling you “cheap” disposable products know it and capitalize on it at your expense.


Expensive to the environment.
Expensive to your bank account (death by a thousand little cuts).

So to answer the question: Is Wisdom Supply Co. more expensive?

Not when used as directed (common sense):
1. Use what you already have.
2. You don’t need to buy new pens, you have a bunch at home - look in a drawer.
3. You probably have a bunch of partially used pencils too - Sharpen them.
4. Don’t throw out reusable products.
5. Refill your pens.
6. Re-cover your binder (or don’t - just don’t throw it “away”).
7. Stop buying disposable dry erase markers.
8. Stop buying disposable markers - Marker recycling schemes aren't the answer - not even close.
9. Tear or cut out the used pages from your notebook or comp - use the rest - It used to be a tree.
10. Stop carrying around a pound of pencils and pens and do-dads in a giant plastic pencil box. Get a little tin and carry just the essentials.
11. Buy a legit pair of scissors and a non-plastic ruler and keep them. What moron made scissors and rulers disposable?? OH yeah, the ones that make money from selling loads of selling “cheap” plastic rulers and scissors every year.

*Keep in mind most school-issued back to school shopping lists don’t have a price associated with them.

That’s a surprise saved for the checkout counter.
We’re not expensive.
We’re the common sense alternative to waste.
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