Zero Waste Craft Ideas For Home

Zero Waste Craft Ideas For Home

Photo and inspiration:

For all the parents and teachers who have suddenly found themselves with little ones at home and with hours to fill, we're sharing some ideas for zero waste crafts. These projects and activities can be easily integrated into the classroom, once class is back in session.  

Using materials on hand:

+ Magazine Clippings
+ Paper Bags
+ Color Pencils
+ Flour + Water

In response to our post about (not) crafting with materials like glitter, here are some of our favorite alternatives. 

 ✂️ Cut partial pages from old magazines and let the artist use their imagination to draw in the missing parts 💭 

Example: Giraffe Magazine Clipping Art 

Or maybe you're partial to a Carll Cneut style Toucan!  (we just discovered this illustrator and we find his artwork to be so entertaining. A fun idea could be to write storyboards with various animal characters). 

You can make your own paste with flour + water.  🙌🏻
Tinker with the two ingredients for desired consistency. 
Use a paintbrush, popsicle stick, or finger to apply.

Flour + Water Glue Recipe: 

Mix one part flour to one part water.
(eg. 1 cup flour to 1 cup water, or 1/2 cup flour to 1/2 cup water)
Until you get a thick glue-like consistency.
Add a bit more water if it's too thick.
Mix well with a spoon until you get rid of all the lumps.  

More Craft Ideas from Pinterest:
A Driftwood Sea Horse  (use found sticks + flour paste)
Paper Palm Fronds (use old paper shopping bags)

Little Pine Learners has a host of crafts and activities to do while at home. 

Like the Beginning Sound Stone Matching Game shown in the photo above.
*Could do this with any variety of household 👓🥄🎲🧩 🔑and natural objects 🌿🌼🥕if a whole lot of stones are not easily accessible.

Fun, Interactive, and Waste-Free.

Barely scratching the surface of zero-waste / waste-less craft projects here. If you have any you'd like to share, send us an email or post in the comments - we'd love to see them!

Happy crafting!