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    How do teachers monitor which students paid into the program and which didn’t?

    Wouldn’t that be horrible?! As long as the financial goal is met, school supplies are provided for ALL students regardless of contribution.

    What if my daughter/son wants to bring their own supplies to school?

    We would never force anyone to use our products. Your child is welcome to use whichever supplies they favor.

    I can’t afford to contribute the recommended amount, but I still want to help reach the goal.

    Contributions are accepted in any amount, and are entirely confidential.

    What if the total amount contributed exceeds the targeted goal?

    Teachers can use those funds for any additional inventory needed. At the end of the school year, remaining funds can either be used as a credit toward the next order, or we will issue a refund check to the school. Either way, we’ll share that information with everyone that contributed. Transparency Rules.

    What if we don’t reach the targeted goal?

    We high-five everyone for trying! Then we issue refunds in full, and turn it back over to your school, so you can be provided with a back to school shopping list.

    If your school didn't reach the whole-school goal, but you STILL like what we do, individual Kits of our Zero Waste School Supplies will be available for pre-order in the spring, and delivered to your home before school starts in the fall.

    What if we pay into the system, and then decide at the last minute to move, or send our child to a different school?

    It happens. We’ll address situations like this in partnership with your school, on a case by case basis - we’ll get it sorted out.

    Is this just another company cashing in on the “Eco Movement”?

    Heck no. We’re the real deal - if we can’t keep massive amounts of plastic and vinyl from entering the waste stream (that’s what got us into this), we’ll head back to the drawing board to find another way to combat plastic waste.

    Is this going to be expensive?

    Nope. We work to keep our pricing in line with what you would pay if you went out to shop for supplies yourselves.

    Why aren’t prices listed on the website?

    The products we source can vary depending on the needs of the school, so what you see on the website may not be exactly what teachers request for your child’s classroom.

    I have more questions

    No problem!  Email us at info@wisdomsupplyco.com



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