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    Open cardboard zero-waste binder kit box, with bold font in relief with black background reads,
    Open cardboard binder laying flat showing student weekly planner sheets clipped into the three rings. Binder divider 5 tabs behind them.
    Three cream colored folders laying flat stacked on top of one another  against a white background. White banner wrapped around the folders reads in black writing
    Four sharpie wax peel markers laying stacked at an angle. From top yellow, black, red, white.
    A mini Philips head and flat head screw driver attached to a key ring.
    A cardboard pencil tin box that slides open reads in relief bold text with black background
    An open cardboard binder laying flat with a screw driver and empty glassine envelope. Binder divider 5 tabs attached into the three rings.

    Binder Assembly How-To Video:

    We knew if our binders were delivered pre-assembled, the majority would be thrown “away” when they were worn out.
    It’s habit.
    Use it up, toss it out, get a new one.
    It’s the plastic-world way.

    You know the expression:
    Give a person a binder, organize them for a day. Teach a person to binder, shift their thinking about our throwaway society.

    1. Finding "Missing" Screws How-To Video:


    We’ve had 3 Binder Kit recipients report that the screws + posts were missing.

    We figured out that they weren’t actually missing, just really well hidden.
    For future orders we’re writing a note on the bags, but here’s a semi-unboxing “find the screws” tutorial:

    Wisdom Supply Co. was founded by two plastic pollution activists stunned into action by the staggering waste created every year from the plastic, vinyl, and spiral-bound school supplies the students were instructed to purchase.
    The best time to help future adults unlearn wasteful habits was decades and billions of tons ago. The next best time is now.

    If you know a teacher into pro-earth things like oceans, soil, air, or things that live: TEACHER REWARDS PROGRAM



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