How to Support Local Businesses During Covid-19

How to Support Local Businesses During Covid-19
Wisdom Supply Co. just donated a dozen Andytown Coffee baked goods to a local hospital. 🏨  
Together-separately, because we're working from our respective homes  
😐 | 😐
We've been joking that this is "our new normal". But I (Nikki) stand corrected by a wise friend (yoga teacher), this definitely isn't normal!  Local businesses are suffering, their employees are undoubtedly suffering, and communities are suffering.  😔 It's a full plate of all-around bummer topped with a side of uncertainty about recovery. 

We don't know what the future has in store - but we do know that herein lies an opportunity to show some support in the here and now. 

Andytown Roasters has coordinated with local hospitals for a seamless delivery service of pastries, coffee, and juices and it's called: Send A Coffee

*We're big coffee-drinkers ourselves in our respective remote and warehouse-offices alike. However,  we opted in for pastries over coffee for the obvious zero-waste related reasons. 
We're feeling good about:

+ Showing gratitude for healthcare workers 🏆 who are putting in long (er than usual) hours with limited resources, and exposing themselves to higher risks. 

+ Supporting a local business 🙌 that we have been known to frequent with our stainless steel mugs or cups. 

All while doing our social 🤜|🤛distancing to minimize the overburdened health care system 😷🩺
Thank you to Establish SF (an Outer Sunset surfy clothing, jewelry, housewares gem) for making us aware of these efforts by Andy Town SFHappy Moose Juice (who we recently discovered offers juice in returnable glass jars!), and Nana Joes Granola.

It might be worthwhile to reach out to your local coffee shops or restaurants to see if they'd be interested in coordinating a similar program. Of course, this is no effortless feat; an online system would have to be set up to accept donation payments, a delivery driver would have to be available, and protocols for hospital drop-offs would have to be established. 😳

Other ways to support local businesses:
+ Purchase a gift card for a friend or for later use. (Even if the services are delayed, I'm sure they could use the influx of now-cash)

+ Share promotional offers, local delivery menus, favorite products/services on your social media pages. (It really helps)

+ Check websites to see who's offering online services. 

+ Offer up a little bit of that extra hand-sanitizer you've got "on-hand" (😉 see what I did there?) to your favorite essential businesses or organizations that are more public-facing. i.e: delivery drivers, homeless shelters, animal shelters, grocery stores, etc.
+ And of course, if you have to buy something, take a moment to think if you can acquire it from a small business (online or otherwise).
Stay safe, stay healthy, and let’s be kind to one another! ☀️