Plastic Packaging Petition

An early afternoon image of a woman wearing a white puffy jacket, a tan beanie, and black pants is walking purposefully against the backdrop of an orange painted building. There is a door on the building, but it is raised up as though it is for deliveries

We hate disappointing a customer, but we welcome every opportunity to improve.

Our customer was not stoked to receive her Stabilo 3-in-1 Markers (plastic-free replacement for markers, dry-erase, and watercolor) with each one wrapped in a thin plastic film.

We don't like it either (naturally), but we've been viewing it as a trade off of a small bit of plastic packaging in exchange for a product that replaces a great deal more disposable plastic.

But we can do better.

Not saying that as a tiny business we can change the packaging policies of a giant international corporation (Staedtler in Germany), but we can and should let them know that the customers that love this great plastic-free product would like to see it not packaged in plastic.

We have to push back on ALL the plastic, not just the big stuff, because all the little bits of plastic add up, and none of it ever goes "away".


Keep us on our toes
Stay vigilant
Stay healthy
Stay hopeful 🌈

Heather + Nikki
Wisdom Supply Co.