words matter

A misty morning image of a mountain that is a previously undiscovered rainforest in Mozambique's Zambezia province.  The word eco-friendly appears over the rainforest in quotes because the post is about the authors dislike of the term eco-friendly.

Until today, we've avoided using the term eco-friendly in our website copy or social media posts because it makes us uncomfortable.

When we hear eco-friendly, we imagine the absence of products. The absence of extraction, transportation, manufacturing, packaging and shipping. 

To go "there":  The planet is better off without us. 



I KNOW, that's dark.  I assure you we are not advocating for the end of humans, we just believe that words matter.

When we condition children to use language about products that make it sound like the product is giving the earth a hug, we turn off their natural instinct for critical thinking (the endless string of "but why?"), and that's a mistake.

For the sake of everyone involved (and that's literally everyone), we should be marching the opposite direction.  Where does that come from?  Who grows it?  Who replants the trees?  Where does it end up?  What happens when it washes down the drain?  How does it get here?  What makes it blue?

Ask, learn, and let it inform authentic thinking about what is necessary, what is "beautiful", what is the best choice, what is sustainable, and what is eco-friendly.

In order to appear in the searches of people looking for:

Eco Friendly School Supplies
Eco Friendly Office Supplies
Eco Friendly Binders
Eco Friendly Pencils
Eco Friendly Folders
Eco Friendly Weekly Planners
Eco Friendly Markers
Eco Friendly Dry Erase
Eco Friendly Companies
We'll just say that we prefer to call them:
Sustainable School Supplies
Sustainable  Office Supplies
Sustainable  Binders
Sustainable  Pencils
Sustainable  Folders
Sustainable  Weekly Planners
Sustainable  Markers
Sustainable  Dry Erase
Sustainable  Companies
Zero-Waste School Supplies
Zero-Waste  Office Supplies
Zero-Waste  Binders
Zero-Waste  Pencils
Zero-Waste  Folders
Zero-Waste  Weekly Planners
Zero-Waste  Markers
Zero-Waste  Dry Erase
Zero-Waste  Companies

Because words matter.

*The image in the header is of a previously hidden mountain rainforest in Mozambique that was found with Google Earth.

Image (and discovery) by Dr. Julian Bayliss via