Don't buy a new one... Really.

Don't buy a new one... Really.

Unless you actually need it...

Listened to a rebroadcast of the Yvon Chouinard episode on "How I Built This" last night - it's a good one (they're all good ones).

He says "Don't buy our products, repair old ones", and the message resonates here at our office. 

When one of us is looking over a typical Back-to-School Shopping List, you'll hear "They don't need THAT! - FIVE comp books?  NO. Nope. That's too many" - "Who needs a dozen pens?!"  

I think a typical business would be thrilled to see those lengthy lists = $$$.  They'll even push add-on sales with offers like "buy two get one free!".

We're marching in the opposite direction. 

Your kids don't need all that stuff.

NONE of that sfuff will improve their education, it will not make them smarter, faster, brighter, or happier - but it is 100% guaranteed to add more everlasting garbage to the surface of the earth they're inheriting from us.

With plastic literally coating the earth (from nano + micro-particles on up) documented from the peaks of Mt. Everest and the depths of the Mariana Trench - found in ocean water, fresh water, bottled water, tap water, air, soil, furry creatures, scaly ones, and humans too.

Our ask: Buy less.
And when you do buy; buy better.