Pencils (Box of 144) (470192455720)
Unpainted Pencils (Box of 144)

Unpainted Pencils (Box of 144)


Should a pencil cost 52 cents?
We think they should cost AT LEAST 52 cents.

Why don't we care about losing a pencil?  Because pencils have no perceived value, and that is because we weren't raised in a society that encourages us to care/think about our "stuff" - aside from how we can get more of it for less.

The irony: Cheap mass-produced pencils often come from trees that are felled in the U.S., shipped overseas, manufactured, painted, boxed, then shipped BACK to the U.S., and sold at "bargain prices" at big box stores.  They're so cheap and common, it's hard to give them a passing thought.

The carbon footprint and environmental degradation from this system is hard to fathom.

These incense cedar, unpainted (paint shavings = microplastic pollution), sustainably forested pencils are the best we've ever written with.  They're made and manufactured in one of the last pencil factories in the United States, and because they're unpainted, you can safely compost the shavings.

At our office, these are the "it" writing instrument. The pencil each of us uses is stored in a pencil tins on our desks (so we always know where they are), and because we use each pencil until it is worn to a nub before reaching for a new one, not one of us goes through a dozen pencils in any given year.  Take care of them and have just 1-3 in circulation at any given time, and they'll last a long time.

Teacher hack: Masking Tape Flag (helps students keep track of their pencil) - video at left

Sustainably Forested Cedar
Made in the U.S.
Smooth writing 
Comfortable grip (rounded hex barrel)
Unpainted (shavings can be composted)

"Inside One of America's Last Pencil Factories"

Box dimensions:  7 3/4 x 5 3/4 x 1 1/2
144 Pencils

Painted Pencils

The End

Paper Box: Paper Recycling
Shavings: Compost

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