School Supply Program

Shopping for school supplies has never been this easy, or environmentally friendly.

We think Back to School Shopping is broken.

Traditional "Back to School Shopping" should really be called "Pre-Garbage Shopping", because all the plastic and vinyl school supplies lining the shelves at big box stores, will at some point enter the waste stream and exist on the planet in a landfill or ocean for time as we know it. The volume of plastic and vinyl generated by by this rote cycle of consumption is grossly short-sighted, and a lousy example to set for students.
Wisdom Supply Co. stocks classrooms with thoughtfully sourced school supplies that eliminate unnecessary purchases, minimize waste, and foster sustainability within schools.  Our products balance quality, durability, and cost, while helping each classroom move closer to zero-waste.

We work directly with teachers to create custom tailored lists of supplies needed for their students in the coming school year.
In a nutshell, the cost of the supplies specified by the teachers is divided by the majority of students in the classroom. If participating families reach the financial target by the deadline, the program moves ahead, and supplies are delivered directly to the classrooms before the first day of school.  If the financial goal is not met, the program does not move forward, and families purchase their child’s class supplies independently.
For more information about this program, please see our FAQ page

San Francisco Bay Area only at this time - Thank you for your patience as we grow!