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    Shopping for school supplies has never been this easy, or environmentally friendly.

    We reinvented back to school shopping.

    By stocking classrooms with thoughtfully sourced school supplies, we eliminate unnecessary purchases, and avoid duplication.

    We work directly with teachers to create custom tailored lists of supplies needed for their students in the coming school year.

    Our products balance quality, durability, and cost, while helping each classroom move closer to zero-waste.

    In a nutshell, the cost of school supplies are divided by the projected number of students in the classroom. If the number of families signed up to participate in the program reaches the minimum targeted goal, the program moves ahead, and all supplies are delivered directly to the classroom before the first day of school.  If the target is not met, the program does not move forward, and families purchase their child’s class supplies independently.

    San Francisco Bay Area only at this time - Thank you for your patience as we grow!