Zero-Waste School Supplies

Manor School  2018-19

4th Grade

When it comes to school supplies, you have options.

  • The best option is to see what you already have at home, and can reuse/repurpose from previous years!
  • Another option is to take a back to school shopping list to an office supply store at the end of summer, and purchase the items there.
  • Lastly, we're introducing a Zero Waste Pre-Order Option.
We partnered with teacher Laura Dax Honda to create a list of supplies requested for 4th grade students.

    All Pre-Orders will be delivered directly to Manor in a labeled (plastic-free) bag, packaging-free and ready for your child to pick up from class on the first day of school.

    Prices include Tax + Delivery

    If you wish to order only the items you need, but still have them delivered to Manor School for your child, please use code xxxxx at checkout to remove the shipping charge.

    Any questions at all, please contact:
    Heather Itzla - Founder
    Wisdom Supply Co.
    415 655 9652