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All of our paper products are printed and bound here in Northern California. Binders are manufactured in Georgia in a wind-powered factory, pencils are sustainably forested incense-cedar and made by one of the last pencil factories in the United States. Our custom pencil tins were purchased through an American Aluminum Company, but were produced in China.

We approach every product through the lens of "end of use". What happens to it when you have finished using/needing it? We design products that minimize waste from every angle - like notebooks with far fewer pages because the reality is most notebooks are tossed with a fraction of the pages used, or our Binder which is the only one on the market designed to be taken apart, recycled, and repaired.

We believe no products, especially tools used for EDUCATION should add to the crisis of waste and plastic pollution on this planet. It's unconscionable to further burden future generations with toxic and entirely avoidable waste.


The type of perfect binding that we use in order to keep this product 100% recyclable, requires some breaking in. The binding itself is quite sturdy - smoosh it open. I run the base/palm of my hand along the center of my open planner and it sits wide open on my desk every day of the year as I use it as my notebook as well as my calendar.

Short video about how we get our planners to lay flat.

We recommend paper recycling for this product over composting because we are not fans of introducing man made materials into soil. Soil is a spectacular, complex ecosystem that we dont' want to mess with. We like to keep our compost limited to food waste and yard clippings - not to-go containers, and never ever any bio-plastics.

Customer reviews confirm that the pages do not bleed. We did see one review that a fountain pen "feathered" a bit on the page.


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