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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Skyler Faerber-Karain
    Super Sticky, Will Last you forever!

    This is a great alternative to plastic clear tape. I always thought i wouldn't like super sticky tape because "what if i need to remove it and don't want to ruin the paper?" but realistically, I cant think of anything I do that would ever involve trying to delicately take the tape off something as sensitive as paper!
    That may be different for you, and thats completely fine! But if you're the type to use tape for decorating things, quick repairs, taping off boxes, and other handyman day-to-days, This is the perfect tape for you! Plus, there's SO MUCH TAPE. like, WOW. i dont think i'll ever need another roll of tape again!

    Tape Kraft Paper

    Love this tape! I use it for everything, but especially love it for labeling stuff.

    Corey K.
    Sticks Well & Long-lasting

    The tape is sticky and does well to hold things together. I am able to tape things to the wall without it falling off. Never realized how much 60 yards of tape is until I received this in the mail. It will last me a long time, that's for sure!



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