Zero-Waste Binder
Zero-Waste Binder

Zero-Waste Binder


Our Zero-Waste Binder is the last binder you’ll ever need.  If you need to refresh the cover, remove and recycle the original, and replace with a new cover. 
We sell this product as a DIY because if the end-user doesn't assemble it themselves, the concept of removing and replacing the cover will be overlooked and the binder will eventually be thrown away like every other binder since forever. 

This is the à la carte version of our Zero Waste Binder Kit

Assembly takes about 5 minutes and a Phillips-head screwdriver.

VIDEO: How to build a binder

Binder Spine: 1 3/4"
Metal Slanted D-Ring: 1"
Length x Width: 11 1/2" x 10 1/2" 
Cardboard Thickness: 1/8"

*Additional Binder sizes are in development and soon to come!

*Kraft box is an optional add on The box explains the kit, and why our company is named after an albatross.

The act of assembling our binder is intended to imprint the repairability of the product, as well as to spur thought about waste and product design.

2021 increased costs: Recycled Pulp / Raw Materials, Manufacturing, Transportation, Packaging, Labor

Zero-Waste Binder Kit Includes: Pre-Drilled Cover 1" Binder Mechanism 2 Posts + 2 Screws 1 Set of Binder 5-Tab Dividers 1 Slash Pocket Folder How-To Instructions

If Wisdom Binders were pre-assembled, the replaceable, recyclable cover feature would be overlooked, and the binders would continue to be landfilled once they were worn out.

"A vinyl binder is cheaper and more durable." That is so true.

Also true: Cheaper and "more durable" are catching up to us with a vengeance.

Vinyl is more durable, as in forever. Once vinyl binders are produced, they're here for the longest of hauls. For what, storing papers?!  

Vinyl binders are made of permanently affixed mixed-materials and therefore are not recycled in any meaningful capacity and never will be.

Binder recycling schemes exist to encourage the continued guilt-free purchase of more vinyl binders, meanwhile, tens of thousands of tons of these binders end up as landfillS every year.

*Every vinyl binder ever made still exists in some form. Vinyl binder take-back programs do little more than encourage continued purchasing of more plastic and vinyl waste (that's the point).

**Cardboard binders without replaceable covers are considered “mixed materials waste” and are destined for landfill.

***Nothing “composts” in a landfill - whatever goes in permanently increases to the larger toxic mass.
Waste is a design flaw.

How-to-Binder in reverse:

+ Lay binder open/flat
+ Un-screw 3-ring mechanisms
+ Flip cover over (logo facing up)
+ Push down to pop posts out from binder cover
+ Place binder cover in paper/cardboard recycling
+ Keep all binder hardware for new replacement cover

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Orders typically packed within 24-48 hours Monday - Friday.

Orders ship via USPS or UPS. Shipping prices are the actual rates we pay (the true cost of shipping from Northern CA. - Sorry Maine!). As we grow, we will negotiate more favorable shipping rates, but for now, we pack every order (plastic-free), load up our cars, and deliver to a post office in a nearby town because our local Post Office refuses to accept or pick up the “large” number of packages we have outgoing on a normal basis.

Thanks for your patience while we navigate how to scale what we’re doing!

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