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    We partner with schools and eco-clubs to prevent waste from school supplies.

    The time to stop wasting was decades and hundreds of thousands of tons ago...
    The second best time to start is now.

    Why our products?

    We carry a full range of waste-free school and office supplies.
    Below is a list of explanations for some of products we carry.


    Our 1/2", 1" and 1 1/2" Binders have removable/replaceable/recyclable covers - nothing goes to landfill


    We don't offer any, because they're all landfill.

    In place of spiral-bound subject notebooks, we recommend using:
    1/2" Binder (stiff paperboard cover)
    Binder Tab Dividers
    Binder Pockets

    Weekly Planners

    Because all others are spiral-bound, we had our own Student Planners printed.

    100% Recycled + 100% Recyclable
    Planners can be dated or undated
    *Purchasing undated planners is least wasteful and will never "expire"

    Comp books

    Our Comp Books are Recycled in the USA.
    We talk schools into buying LESS of these because we see so many at the end of the school year that have 3/4 of the pages still blank.

    Pencil Tins

    Plastic pencil boxes and nylon pouches are all landfill

    Our Aluminum Tin is endlessly recyclable
    We added a 100% Wool Liner that keeps tin contents quiet
    (liner is compostable)

    Pens/ Pencil Products

    Our Pencils are sustainably forested cedar + unpainted so shavings can be composted

    We carry Refillable Stainless Steel Pens. We propose students turn in empty ink cartridges, and get a free refill. We will take back all empties and give a discount on future refills.

    We also propose a "pen drive" where every family sends in all of the pens they don't want (everyone has at least one drawer full). Students use those before purchasing new pens.


    Ours are Natural Rubber Erasers rather than plastic or latex

    Dry Erase

    Disposable dry erase contribute TONS of plastic pollution to the environment.
    We use (and love) both Auspen and Stabilo markers - depends on the needs of the school.

    Aupsen is refillable dry erase. Stabilo is wax pencil to be wiped off the board with a damp cloth

    Dry Erase Erasers: All on the market are polyester, so we designed one that is 100% Wool Felt and compostable

    Filler Paper

    We carry a BioBased brand that is 30% Sugarcane + 70%PCW

    Markers/ highlighters

    We don't believe in plastic marker recycling schemes - misleading and not sustainable.

    Substitute colored pencils, wax peel markers + Stabilo wax markers.

    BIG fans of using the Wax Peel Highlighters, or for younger kids, the yellow Stabilo. Both work perfectly to highlight text in bright yellow, so there is no need for plastic highlighters ever again

    how we work with schools

    stock the whole school

                         * Bay Area only at this time.

    The school, parents, or a combination of the two cover the cost of supplies.

    + The cost of supplies is split evenly between *85% of families (varies by school), which covers 15% of families that may not be able to contribute.
    All students, regardless of income, have the same high-quality, zero-waste school supplies.
    + School decides when to collect contributions from parents but ideally contributions are made before the end of the school year prior to stocking. (Most families are hard to reach during the summer).
    Supplies arrive before the first day of school free of plastic packaging.

    Kits + Crowdfunding

    Any teacher can create a custom Zero Waste Back to School Kit on our website and share it with their students/families.
    Zero-Waste should be an option.
    Like a B2S Shopping List: Teachers create and send kits to families before students leave for summer/ well before the beginning of the following academic year.
    Supplies ship to homes in 5-7 business days.

    Anyone can use our site to crowdfund a program for their school.

    + Switch classrooms to zero-waste dry erase.
    + Fund wall mounted pencil sharpeners + sustainable supplies.
    + Custom Crowdfunding programs coming soon.

    Takes a handful of parents to kick in a nominal amount each, to help a school make big changes in reducing their waste.
    Program crowdfunding can take place anytime of year.

    Hybrid Program

    + Shared supplies are shipped to the school.
    + Personal supplies are shipped to the student's home.

    Families receive a link (from their teacher) to a custom/private page on the Wisdom Supply Co website

    + Families are asked to pay into a shared-supplies fund (pencils/paper/art supplies). Supplies are delivered to the school and kept in the classroom.
    + Families are given the choice of purchasing the rest of the teacher-recommended supplies (binders, notebooks, pencil tin etc) via the Wisdom Supply Co website - these items are pre-selected and can be added to or deleted so students have the option to reuse what they already have, or they can decide to purchase their supplies elsewhere.

    Payment methods


    Payment methods can be customizable based on how the school wants to cover supplies: schools can cover the cost of all supplies or just a portion.  


    Parents can pay into shared supplies and have the option to purchase additional supplies to be sent to homes based on the specific needs of each school. For whole school stocking programs cost of supplies is divided amongst 85% of families. Assuming 15% may not be able to contribute.
    All students, regardless of income, have the same high-quality, zero-waste school supplies.

    parents + school

    We know every school is different - we can split the cost of supplies any which way between parent payments and the school.

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