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    Ramya Mohan

    Works beautifully

    Julienne Racelis
    Just a quick little question

    This is more like a question for this certain product. I like to color code what I write in my planner (red for school, blue for assignments, etc.) and I've been using pens because Crayola's colored pencils aren't really cutting it. And so, I was wondering if Wax Peel Markers would be a great substitution for my color coordinating needs? Are the Wax Peel Markers good for writing as well as drawing/sketching?

    Thank you!

    Hello Jules :)
    Okay - I do love our colored pencils, and I think they are appropriate for color coding.
    I don’t think the wax peel are a great option because they write rather “thick” - perfect for larger marking, but not so much for subtle, line by line marking. That said, the yellow is a great highlighter…
    Not sure if I’ve been of much help, but if I’ve left it unclear, reach out again and I’ll try to clear it up! :) Heather

    Cindy C.

    I love my China markers but I am peeling challenged. :rofl:
    Could you do a video? I know at one point I remember seeing a still photo ? On the subject. I must be doing it wrong. I have resorted to sharpening with my pen knife.:woman-shrugging:
    Thank you

    Hi Cindy!

    Sorry about that! We are still researching how to publish videos on our website! (We are not very technologically advanced over here). The problem that we run into is the videos have to be below 20MB and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to make a video that small.

    At any rate, I am happy to send you a video :)

    I'll forward one right now via email.

    Thanks for your patience!

    love these marking pencils

    I always loved these marking pencils! I use them in my sketchbook for an added layer. I do wish there was other colors!

    Noah Brennan
    Fun to Use

    Haven’t seen these is years!!! Fun to use!!



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