Fine Tip Marker Substitute 9XXB
Fine Tip Marker Substitute 9XXB
Fine Tip Marker Substitute 9XXB (3857251598439)
Fine Tip Marker Substitute 9XXB (3857251598439)
Fine Tip Marker Substitute 9XXB (3857251598439)

Fine Tip Marker Substitute 9XXB

Wisdom Exclusive  We worked with General Pencil Co. (one of the last pencil factories in the U.S.) to produce their "Kimberly 9XXB" pencil UNPAINTED.

This being a first pass at this new unpainted product, they arrived to our warehouse a bit marked up from loose graphite that flicked about in the boxes en route - as a result, we reduced the price on this first batch, and will get better at protecting the products during shipping going forward.

3/8" diameter hex
7" long

General Pencil's "Kimberly 9XXB" is special for both the darkness of the graphite, and relative smudge resistance. It's our go to in place of plastic Sharpie Markers.

Unpainted, because paint is plastic, and sharpening painted pencils creates more microplastic pollution, the last kind of microplastic pollution we need.

BIGGER than a standard pencil - requires a larger sharpener or a blade if you're the whittling type - these are an easy whittle; soft and easy to shave.

When a plastic marker or pen is kaput, here's where it will end up:

Landfill - forever

Ocean - until sun + waves + time break it into zillions of pieces of forever lasting microplastics

Litter - Yes, pen and marker litter happens. I have photos (lots of them). Until a car rolls over it and turns the plastic into zillions of pieces of forever lasting microplastics. Those will eventually wash down a storm drain and make their winding way to the ocean to join the rest of the microplastic pollution.

Incineration - That's what the "recycling" schemes are. No one is taking dried up markers and turning them into new markers. Incinerating plastic = toxic gases, more CO2 emissions, and toxic ash.

Wood shavings & graphite

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Orders typically packed within 24-48 hours Monday - Friday.

Orders ship via USPS or UPS. Shipping prices are the actual rates we pay (the true cost of shipping from Northern CA. - Sorry Maine!). As we grow, we will negotiate more favorable shipping rates, but for now, we pack every order (plastic-free), load up our cars, and deliver to a post office in a nearby town because our local Post Office refuses to accept or pick up the “large” number of packages we have outgoing on a normal basis.

Thanks for your patience while we navigate how to scale what we’re doing!

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