Zero-Waste Pencil Tin Set
Zero-Waste Pencil Tin Set
Zero-Waste Pencil Tin Set
Zero-Waste Pencil Tin Set
Zero-Waste Pencil Tin Set
Zero-Waste Pencil Tin Set
Zero-Waste Pencil Tin Set (4269572063335)
Zero-Waste Pencil Tin Set (4269572063335)
Zero-Waste Pencil Tin Set (4269572063335)

Zero-Waste Pencil Tin Set

Regular price24.50

Our ride-or-die essentials in a compact aluminum tin.

Aluminum Tin: Intentionally slim. Fits just what you need, and nothing you don’t. When it’s worn beyond repair, it’s 100% recyclable.

100% Wool Liner: Keeps contents from rattling around inside the tin. Liner is compostable.

1 Unpainted Sustainably Forested Cedar Pencil

1 Plastic-free Highlighter (Yellow Wax Peel Marker)

1 Natural Rubber Eraser

1 Metal Pencil Sharpener (incl. 2 replacement blades)

1 Natural Rubber Band (secures contents when transporting in bag/backpack)

Any purchase from Wisdom Supply Co. is an investment in a business carving out space for sustainability in a sea of mass produced garbage and greenwashing.

We’re the real deal making real deal closed loop products here in the U.S.

The materials housed in the pencil tin are simple, utilitarian tools (sourced from other manufacturers) that do their job without creating plastic waste.  

While we love this product, once they sell out, that's it for the foreseeable future while we pause all non Planner and 3-Ring Binder categories in order to narrow our focus and strengthen those two core categories.

Shipped from a BCorp Certified fulfillment center in 100% Recyclable paper/cardboard packaging - plastic free (always).

Unpainted Pencil: Our favorite pencil ever. Made from sustainably-forested incense cedar by General’s Pencil Company in New Jersey (one of the last American pencil factories), and not sullied by a coat of paint that creates micro plastics when sharpened (paint is plastic).
Metal Sharpener: German made, compact, and equipped with two replacement blades built in.
Wax Highlighter: These "china markers" have been around for ages, and their bright yellow wax makes them the perfect replacement for disposable plastic highlighters.
Stainless Steel Pen + Refill: Available as an add-on. This substantial stainless steel ballpoint pen is a handsome reminder that pens should not be disposable. Even the extra ink cartridges are plastic free.

Pencil Tin Set Includes: 

+ Recyclable Aluminum Pencil Tin

+ 100% Wool Liner
+ Unpainted, Sustainably Forested Pencil
+ Metal Sharpener, 2 extra blades

+ Natural Rubber Eraser
+ Wax Highlighter
Tin: 7 5/8" x 1 7/8" x 5/8"

Hundreds of millions of plastic, vinyl, nylon, and canvas pencil cases are eternally stuck in landfills, and millions more sit on store shelves soon to be added.

Our recyclable aluminum pencil tin is intentionally slim and fitted with the essentials you need, and nothing you don't.

Aluminum Recycling:
+ Pencil Tin (can be recycled with cans)

+ Wool Liner
+ Pencil shavings
Paper Recycling:
+ Cardboard Packaging
+ Wax Highlighter paper
Scrap Metal:
+ Metal Sharpener, 2 extra blades
+ Stainless Steel Pen and Metal Refill

(We hope you have no need for scrap metal recycling and you're able to pass this pen down for generations to come - it's that great).

Free within 30 days of receipt.
If there is an issue with your purchase, please reach out so we can make it right.

Orders typically packed within 24-48 hours Monday - Friday.

Orders ship via USPS or UPS. Shipping prices are the actual rates we pay (the true cost of shipping from Northern CA. - Sorry Maine!). As we grow, we will negotiate more favorable shipping rates, but for now, we pack every order (plastic-free), load up our cars, and deliver to a post office in a nearby town because our local Post Office refuses to accept or pick up the “large” number of packages we have outgoing on a normal basis.

Thanks for your patience while we navigate how to scale what we’re doing!

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  • Ships Plastic Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 157 reviews
J Keicher
Great little set to carry in my purse!

I am a sucker for pencil boxes and tins, and this one is perfect! It’s slim, well made and the contents are great! I have been using plastic highlighters…not knowing about the yellow wax pencils…what an eye-opener! I loved mine so much, I have bought more to give as gifts. Thank you!

Charlene Logan
Second purchase of set

I loved the first one I bought. The quality was perfection. When the blue color resurfaced, I grabbed one for my grandaughter to gift her with the Story Journals. It’s so nice to see creative tools that are not plastic, toxic, and linked to movies and cartoons.


I got 2024 calendar, pencil pack and spare pencils. All are of high quality.

R Randall Dary
Nice idea

This is a little step towards cleaning up the environment, or at least not making it any junkier than it already is. I give 4 stars because I’m not totally sure it was worth the price but I like the concept, and also because it looks as if their future business plans are a bit awry.

Your thoughts on this are valid and heard. For a little perspective, it is quite costly (which is why we won't be offering this product again once this round sells out) to bring together 6 different elements (the tin we had custom made to fit the pencil, the unpainted Cedar Pointe Pencil from Generals Pencil Co., the wax peel highlighter, the M+R German Pencil Sharpener with 2 built in replacement blades, the natural rubber eraser imported from the Czech Republic (they have been making these for 125+ years), and the wool liner custom made to fit the tin, and the custom natural rubber band to keep the whole thing secure in a bag or backpack. We have all of these elements packed by hand here in the U.S. into a little set and bagged for 100% plastic free shipping to our customers. The labor and complications of sets composed of products from multiple suppliers is why you will not find a product like this anywhere - literally nowhere.
As to our company being a bit 'awry', I just want to clarify that we are winding things down at the end of this year in order to transition from BCorp to non-profit in order to better serve schools (our original mission). Ecommerce isn't the right platform for the work we do, but we will still invite customers to purchase from us 1x per year when we place bulk school orders. Happy to answer any questions / provide information and thank you for taking the time to leave a review - we appreciate it! :) Heather + Nikki, founders

Pencil Tin

LOVE IT! It’s colorful, compact, and sturdy. Holds up well in a backpack or travel bag and nicely fits needed pencils, erasers, pens, etc. I especially love the zero plastic element it offers!! Highly recommend for a sustainable school/office supply.

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