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    Why are so many of our products tied up in kits?

    Pivoting from resale to designing our own products has been capital intensive to the point that we don’t have the available funds necessary to secure adequate inventory to meet demand this season.

    Another factor is the size of our company (tiny) combined with our commitment to packing + shipping plastic-free, means that it is not uncommon for us to lose money on small orders, so we have to favor kits over small orders - for now.

    In order to scale to the point that our kits, sets, and products are out there competing with the mass produced, disposable stuff, we have to tighten our belts and make some uncomfortable choices; like not offering our items individually (sorry).

    We hate it, but we hope it makes sense and that you’ll stick with us a little bit longer.

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    Stow Bags
    Straw Sustainable Recyclable Eco-Friendly School Supplies Office Supplies Boba Smoothie Spoon Disposable is UNsustainable. Having reusable straws in your bag, backpack, purse, murse, or tote, means beverages on the go, without leaving forever-garbage in your wake. (1427889324135)
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    Glass Straw (772432003175)
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    Wisdom Gift Card (3969108836455)
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