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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Sohrab O.
    Everything the creative in your life would want

    My wife loves her Cricut printer, vintage typewriters that she uses, and her bullet journal. Everything I ordered from Wisdom (and there was a lot!) for Christmas was absolutely perfect. Not only are their products top notch, but their mission statement is most bodacious and appreciated. Highly recommend!

    Kate K
    Love it!

    I'd been thinking about pulling the eco-trigger, as it were, on the office supplies. I'm thrilled with my purchases and highly recommend. So, thoughtfully and mindfully designed and packaged!

    Heidi A.
    just got my planner!

    The only thing I don't like? I can't use it yet!! That's my own fault, I hadn't found this company yet. I will have to wait until 2022, but it's beautiful and soft, and simple. And it couldn't be more perfect for my business needs. Almost as if they were inside my head when they designed this! The week on the one side, with space to jot plenty of notes (or doodles, or reminders, or repeat lists) on the right side page...exactly!

    Christine D.
    Easy on the conscience

    I feel much lighter about my carbon footprint knowing I’m supporting Wisdom Supply Co. products! I love this binder bundle! As soon as it arrived, I unpacked it and got to work assembling the binder (easy, by the way!), filling it with papers I’d needed to organize. I adore the contents of the pencil tin, too, and wasted no time in utilizing them. Overall, an outstanding product that I highly recommend! I’m so glad I bought it, and I will definitely be buying from Wisdom again!

    So good!

    The whole set is high quality with a simple, classic look. My favorites are the binder - I love that there is no plastic cover and it's quite sturdy; and the pen - it feels great in the hand and writes smoothly. Thank you for providing exceptional, earth-forward products that are well worth the investment.



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