Stainless Steel Pen + Refill Set
Stainless Steel Pen + Refill Set
Stainless Steel Pen + Refill Set
Stainless Steel Pen + Refill Set

Stainless Steel Pen + Refill Set

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Plastic-Free Set
1 Stainless Zebra F-701 Ballpoint Pen .7 
2 Stainless Refills (black ink only at this time)
1 Paper Tube (storage for refills)

Our kraft tube packaging is FSC Certified, printed with soy-based inks and is 100% recyclable.

We work with the manufacturer (Zebra Pen Corp) to receive these pens and refills with zero plastic packaging, which means we wait longer + pay extra.

Pen:  W 3/8" x L 5 1/4"
Refill: 3 3/4"
Cardboard Kraft Tube: 5 3/4"

Refills for the F701 can be found online (we are sold out at this time) via multiple other retailers, they'll just be packaged in plastic (sorry!)
There are F701 metal refills (black ink only) and there are plastic refills for the Zebra F301 that work for this pen as well, and they are available in Red or Blue inks.

    Replaces disposable plastic pens that come packaged in more plastic and the plastic refills that are packaged in even more plastic. Plastic inception.

    Scrap metal recycling

    Inquire with your local recycling facility

    Free within 30 days of receipt.
    If there is an issue with your purchase, please reach out so we can make it right.

    Orders typically packed within 24-48 hours Monday - Friday.

    Orders ship via USPS or UPS. Shipping prices are the actual rates we pay (the true cost of shipping from Northern CA. - Sorry Maine!). As we grow, we will negotiate more favorable shipping rates, but for now, we pack every order (plastic-free), load up our cars, and deliver to a post office in a nearby town because our local Post Office refuses to accept or pick up the “large” number of packages we have outgoing on a normal basis.

    Thanks for your patience while we navigate how to scale what we’re doing!

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    • Ships Plastic Free

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 69 reviews
    William Better
    SS Pen is Solid Simplicity

    Good pen for the money. Minimal reusable container tube is a plus.

    Lars Janer
    Excellent writing tool

    Wisdom Supply has impressed me with the high quality of all the products I've bought in the past, such as planners, binders and pencils, so I knew to expect something solid and functional at the very least. But this pen isn't just well designed - looks nice and feels good in your hand - it also writes unbelievably smoothly with a fine, unfailing line. It may seem like hyperbole, but I was literally giddy with excitement when I started writing with it because of how pleasant the experience was. This is by far the best ballpoint pen I've ever used.

    Andrew John
    Get Wisdom Because it’s Wise, Smart & Cool .

    Heather is clearly a genius imho. Our world is drowning in trash and cheap plastic crap from China. Heather, who heads up Wisdom Supply Company, PUT PEOPLE AND THE PLANET BEFORE PROFITS. If the planet is to survive so humans and all life can thrive on it, many more people need to understand and embrace Wisdom’s vision. Think of your favorite animal on earth now for a moment. Personally, I love all animals and don’t know if I could pick just one. Would you be happy if any animal went extinct, disappearing completely from the face of the earth? I sure wouldn’t. Every time we purchase consume and throw away single use plastic stuff, we all are killing the planet from under our own feet. Now, I will review an answer to this huge problem. We all have to start somewhere. I have had literally boxes of single use pens. Go to any store and you buy them by the dozen. You’re happy doing that because you got a lot of crap cheap. But that comes with a cost to you and all of us when those cheap pens run out of ink and discarded BY THE TRILLIONS WORLDWIDE. Even refillable ball point pens, when they go dry are nearly impossible to find a refill that can fit into them. I have a shoe box full of dead ball point pens that I can’t find refills for. Wisdom Supply Company is solving this planet killing problem for our us! This metal pen is first indestructible. I don’t know how many time I’ve seen a cheap plastic pen that someone lost laying in a puddle in a parking lot. Then a pick up truck comes along and smashed that cheap plastic pen. Billions of plastic pens is a nightmare! Refills c32come with this! Pay more and use things that are smart and last a long time

    Kathleen Christopher
    I love my new pen!

    This pen writes beautifully and I am thrilled to support a small business that is so concerned with sustainability. Love it!

    Loralee Clark
    Metal pen rocks

    Nice weight, comes with three replacement cartridges—wonderful value!

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