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    Colored marker replacements

    I bought these to do some color coding in my journal and for sewing pattern organizing. The work beautifully on paper without bleeding through and without smudging. I am very pleased with my purchase.

    Idony Lisle
    China Markers as Art Medium :-)

    I got these just because they looked like a fun toy and because I had fond memories of peeling off the paper (and getting in trouble for it). I have no china to mark, but I do love me some wacky art supplies, and I decided to put these to the test.

    I opted for corrugated cardboard because a)recycling--this is in fact a Wisdom Supply box and b)the average person probably wants to write on boxes with these guys. I used every one of the 12 colors and had a blast. They gave me a very basic childlike sense of using crayons, but were more like colored pencil to use. Quite satisfying! I also tucked in the red lettering to test the "point," and as you can see, you can write in fairly small letters and have it be legible.

    A couple of tips: If it occurs to you to trim the string because it's in your way, DON'T. You need that string. And when (not if, haha) a paper curl breaks in the middle and you have to peel another, don't fret about the longer lead exposed--these are surprisingly sturdy. I did crumble a point in my enthusiasm, but I was leaning into it pretty hard. Think "crayon" when you're applying pressure.

    Tremendous fun and very freeing!

    AKA China Markers

    I LOVE these. I could only ever find them in red and blue but it's exciting to have a rainbow pack and really color-code without smearing or smudging.

    Nicole S.
    These are so cool!

    Totally different than I expected (in a good way!) very pigmented, feels like drawing with crayon, but doesn’t leave a waxy film on paper like I expected it would (like a crayon does.) this will be perfect for using in my bullet journal without having to worry about smudging! Thanks so much!



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