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    Idony Lisle
    What that big hole on your sharpener was made for

    This big chunky pencil in its sanded natural wood is an aesthetic experience in and of itself. (I sketched a shout-out to the grain pattern in my drawing.) It's like driving an old truck and then meeting power steering. I got a couple of these, supposedly for a stocking stuffer, but when they arrived (promptly and safely, might I add) I just couldn't resist a test drive. I grabbed an art card and whipped this out in a few minutes. (Now, bear in mind that I'm not a great artist, and graphite is not my big medium.) I could have gotten the entire point as black as the dark streak, but I was in a hurry--and frankly finding my ideal pressure. Confusing me was the comparative lack of smearing, as advertised! Do *not* sketch with this baby if you expect your line to be easily erased--once you put it down it tends to stay down.No other soft graphite I've ever seen performs this way.

    Note the hatching in the back; this took a couple of goes in the big hole of my sharpener to maintain the point I wanted, but I think the line variation adds something more than my fine-line markers would. But perhaps the star of the show is the pencil streak--see how evenly laid down that is? The pencil did the work here. A *lot* of fun to draw with and will soon be one of your go-tos.



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