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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 87 reviews

    I love the quality of the planner! My only complaint would be not having the months separated by a monthly overview. I thought it was a given in planners and not having it makes finding dates more difficult. Otherwise, I love the layout

    We hear you! Our 2023 Planners will have a monthly layout at the beginning of each month :)
    It took some tinkering to figure out how we would integrate it with our current design, but we cracked the code!
    Thanks for taking the time to submit a review - it's a huge help!

    Jessica Reynolds
    Beautiful. Functional. Minimalist. Sold.

    I emailed Nikki & Heather my feedback in regards to the need for vertical columns with time slots for my work as a speech language pathologist and was hopeful to purchase a no waste planner from Wisdom Supply Co. next year with such a design. However, after knowing a no-waste option existed, I couldn't justify buying another planner encased in metal and plastic. I figured, I'd be slightly inconvenienced this year and all set in the future.

    I attached a picture to show how I modified the layout to accommodate my need for time slots. I drew on it so you could see how I plan to use each column for 30 minute time chunks. I did have to use a ruler to extend the columns which took a while but it will work great! I almost prefer this layout because it opens up space for notes/to-do's on the same page as my Week-at-a-Glance!

    I love that Saturday and Sunday are small because the other areas are where I need space to write more things. I also love that there are no duplicates of the same week. For instance, in other planners when a particular week has days from two different months, there would be the same week in both month sections and it was often confusing. The little tab tear-offs are the perfect minimalist way to easily flip to the current week. It would be better if they were perforated, but scissors will suffice.

    Great product!

    LOVE this planner!

    This planner is the best one on the market. The size is PERFECT for those of us with lots to write, and the organization is perfect. I actually got another friend to buy one this year after she saw me using mine last year! I highly recommend this planner for those of us striving for low/zero-waste.

    Bradley Strickling
    Didn't recieve it

    Hi. I never received the weekly planner. It could have been porch pirates as I was out of town when it supposedly arrived.

    Michelle Boone
    Simple & Elegant

    Looking forward to using this lovely planner--it feels sturdy and so modern minimalist with plenty of space for the to do list and other notes.



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