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We design Plastic-Free, Vinyl-Free + Spiral-Free School + Office supplies because the mass production of products creating permanent waste is outdated, shortsighted, and reckless.


Love Love Love

Everything I have received has been wonderful! I just went back to school and I am utilizing every single one! Not only does it feel good to be a conscious consumer but these products are without a doubt better than their counterparts!


Excellent Products

I recently purchased the three pack of build your own binders. There isn't a single negative thing with this purchase: ordering was easy, shipping was fast, the product was well packaged with easily recyclable paper, the binders were easy and quick to assemble, the binders are sturdy. Thank you to Wisdom for making these available!


Bought Again

I discovered Wisdom last year and came right back to them this year. I am aligned with their ethos and happy to support a small company whose responsible. Of course it helps that their planners are also the perfect layout for me! Well done!

Carla L

Outstanding products!

First, I ordered the 2021 weekly planner in late December. I love it so much that when it came time for me to buy a binder and folders for storing papers, I turned to Wisdom Supply Co. again. My items arrived this afternoon and I couldn’t be more pleased! The binder was easy to assemble. I’m delighted by the pencil tin that includes a highlighter, pencil, eraser, sharpener, pen and refill. I’ve already labeled four of the five tabs on the binder dividers. I definitely recommend this company: everything I’ve tried has been wonderful, and I adore how they’re eliminating waste with their office products!


LOVE MY FIRST PURCHASE AND SO THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU'RE DOING!! It's so darn hard to FIND this stuff - Your collection is beautiful! I've got a 2yo and 4mo and am doing all that i can to find baby/kid stuff that's plastic free (good god try finding a fun train set without *any* plastic) and am just wondering what your thoughts are on TPE as a 'sustainable' resource? Seems better than PPE but not as good as natural rubber? Gah, THANK YOU again for your incredible shop and IG account - Learning so much!!! - Yours gratefully, Jo